Garage Door Opener

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Garage door openers work every day to get our doors open and with years operation they may wear out and leave you stuck out side of your garage with no way to get to your car. We can fix many issues with non-functional garage door openers such as: Non-functioning sensors, fried board, broken rails and more.

Garage Door Opener Repair

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In many cases our professional technicians can actually repair your garage door opener. For all garage door opener repair cases, if it is Liftmaster garage door opener repair or Genie garage door opener repair our technicians carry both skills and replacement parts to get your garage door opener back to work without you have to spend the full price of a new garage door opener.

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Need New Garage Door Opener?

In case that the time has come and it is time for a new garage door opener we carry the most popular and reliable opener brands such as Chamberlain Liftmaster, Genie, Linear, Prime line, Craftsman and many more.

Each and every garage door opener that we install we provide our customers with a 5 years warranty.

Our garage doors professionals installs a variety of quality garage door opener. The four types of openers available are screw drive, chain drive, belt drive, and jackshaft. For most one-piece tilt-up style door, we would recommend to install a screw or chain drive garage door opener. If you have a roll up sectional door, then all four types of openers we install will do the job.

For every garage door opener that we install we provide our customers with a 5 years warranty.

We have a number of locations throughout the metro so a garage door service technician is never too far away.

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